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Made-To-Measure S-WAVE curtains for your home & Office.

Carpets Flooring Dubai offers a wide range of s-wave curtains. These models are available in a variety of colours and materials. It can be a single canvas or a combination of fabrics that differ in colour but create a harmonious set. In terms of hot climate and shiny weather in designers recommend using one of the layers of opaque material.

What Is S-Wave Curtains a brief Explanation and Benefits,

  1. If you prefer stylish solutions with a minimalistic design, consider the s-wave curtains. They not only look beautiful but are also convenient and practical. Such drapes will be appropriate in any room. Easy to operate open and close also available in smart motorized remote-control solution.
  2. Thanks to a heading tape, the drapes take the shape of an elegant wave. A special hidden cord is designed in such a way that the curtains retain the wave effect in any position. If you are looking for a simple and stylish window decor that is easy to assemble and attach, do not hesitate to choose an s-wave type which promotes economical consumption of fabric.

Why We Recommend S-Wave Curtains.

  • your window dressing always look elegant and neat and Luxury
  • S-wave drapes take a shape of delicate waves both in the open and in the closed position.
  • A special cord is designed in such a way that the curtains retain the wave effect from the moment they are attached to the cornice.
  • The cord remains invisible.
  • You enjoy a simple and stylish design that is easy to fix and assemble.
  • Strong and reliable fixation of the drapes allows you not to worry about the curtain breaking off the cornice.

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