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Wall to Wall Carpets

Wall to wall carpets have graced homes for as far as one can remember. They provide a luxurious finish to your home and hotel rooms. Usually a solid color they come in a range of thicknesses to choose from.

Therefore a thinner carpet give your room a very homely feeling. The thicker carpets can give you that touch of luxury we all crave.

These carpets are a complete world of flooring. You can select a color that you like, in the thickness that you like or can have a custom design done of your choosing.

Custom carpets are of course limitless in design and can incorporate anything that you can come up with. Work with our designers to figure out your individuality can get a custom made carpet for your room.

Axminster Advantages

At Carpets Flooring Dubai we’re always looking for new ways to expand our flooring selection and give our valued customers a greater variety of choices. We’re excited to introduce a brand-new product offering 21 luxurious wall-to-wall carpet collections with a gorgeous array of style, material and colour options. 

Wall-to-wall carpets provide a wide range of benefits, from comfort to value. Their inherent noise dampening properties create a quieter, more tranquil environment;

Better insulation means less energy consumption; and of course, they create a wonderfully warm and soft surface where you can put your feet up and relax.

Carpets are a favourite and best floor covering choice that gives a glorious look to your rooms and walls. Wall to Wall Carpets in Dubai and Abu Dhabi industry grew vastly.

The warmness of the carpet is unbeatable as compared to other floor solutions. We at Carpets Flooring Dubai aim to offer the customized Wall Carpets in UAE according to user specification and style.

Our wall to wall carpet is designed for easy maintenance, and with its seamless pattern, it shows a clean, uniform look. It provides an optimal space for your office and home by giving smooth Wall to Wall Carpets in Dubai coverage so that you can completely enjoy a comfortable interior look. With their fluffy fibers, they offer comfortable walking. Our limitless range of trendy, luxurious carpet shades and patterns goes perfectly with every interior module.

We have introduced new designs of a cheap wall carpet Dubai in the market recently. You can buy wall to wall carpets in Dubai online at affordable rates from our store, we are also offering free doorstep delivery.

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