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Healthcare Curtains and Blinds


Best Quality Curtains & Blind for clinics hospitals and medical health care sector in Dubai and UAE.

We have top quality professional hospital curtains, Blinds and Smart tracks system that can be mounted either on the wall or on to the ceiling. The Load Release System is our answer to the health care sector’s need to have cubicle curtain track and regular curtains rails released under certain conditions. This unique, patented solution allows the rail to be released from its attachment points under momentary loads of approximately 55kg. The rails can then be easily reinstalled without tools.

If you’re looking for bespoke and made to measure medical and hospital curtains, be it cubicle, privacy, or anti-bacterial curtains- Carpets Flooring Dubai ai has full professional range with top quality fabric and accessories.

Our every cubicle curtain is specifically manufactured to fit your medical and hospital’s requirement in terms of design, colour, and other aesthetics whereas we pay additional attention to detail on the technicalities like to ensure prevention of diseases.

SMART Cubicle & Privacy Curtains in Dubai

If you are looking for Medical & hospital cubicle curtains or privacy curtains in Dubai UAE. We have the best quality fabric and materials to meet all your needs. Cubicle and privacy curtains, also known as nurse curtains, are most common in medical and healthcare facilities. Through innovation and a passion for making easy, safe, and beautiful privacy systems, our cubicle curtains and cubicle track systems provide a full range of options to help reduce these risks. Privacy curtains are a wonderful way for facilities to bring pattern and texture into a room, adding colour and interest without an expensive remodel.

Blinds and shades for hospitals and healthcare institutions

Evidence-based design research has shown that daylighting not only reduces energy costs but enhances the building environment, providing health benefits to patients and creating a pleasant, comfortable workplace. Solar Screen shades, privacy shades and translucent roller shades are an important daylighting component in hospitals and other health care facilities.

Solar shades offered by Carpets Flooring Dubai provide benefits for hospitals and health care organizations:

  • Decreased cooling costs.
  • Decreased glare on equipment display screens and computers.
  • Daylighting
  • Patient wellness and comfort
  • Staff Satisfaction
  • Improved financial performance of facility.
  • Integration with multiple building functions
  • Hospitals, doctors and dentist’s offices have different needs for privacy. Some exam rooms require complete privacy, and windows need blackout shades. Patient rooms, which are often lit at night, also need the additional view-blocking protection of a blackout shade.
  • Blackout shades also provide a darkened room environment for patients who cannot tolerate light following optical surgeries and other procedures that leave eyes sensitive to light.

·         Dual solar shade/blackout shade window treatments

  • Patient room windows can be optimized with Dual Shade systems employing both solar screen shades and blackout privacy shades. Patient needs vary and equipping every room with both types of light management makes every room versatile.

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